Lyle Howe

'To imply that this is Israel's war is misleading and incorrect'

Kate Casa, in her article on the Hamas unprovoked, barbaric terrorist attack on Israel, fails to mention the collaboration and funding from Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, all known terrorist groups - these would be the same ones that chant, "Death to America."

She also fails to mention that upon breaking through Israel's borders they proceeded to murder hundreds of innocent men, women, and children and take many innocent civilians as hostages. Some have been found abused and murdered.

Israel was celebrating the Jewish diaspora at the time of the attack during Simchat Torah, which was supposed to be among the most festive times on the Jewish holiday calendar.

Casa also fails to mention Hamas regularly lobs rockets into Israel, also unprovoked, and when Israel, which has every right to defend itself, responds in kind and causes a civilian casualty, they show the world and say, See what Israel does....

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