Lyle Howe

‘I must assert my right to freedom of speech and expose the lies’

Re: Viewpoints by Valerie Abrahamsen ("What can businesses do to prevent Trump's return?") and Nancy Braus ("Trump is too dangerous for his opponents to play nice"), Jan. 10:

Nancy Braus claims "President Trump is too dangerous for his opponents to play nice." If Braus and her supporters are comfortable with the open southern border, with a record high of 12,600 illegal crossings in one day since recordkeeping began, and with a daily average of illegal crossings on the border at 10,000, and the current estimated number of "got-aways" into our country is two million. We don't know who they are, where they are, or what their motives are for coming here.

We do know we have stopped those on the terrorist watchlist, drug smugglers, and human trafficking at the southern border, as well as gang members and criminals.

We are being invaded. I believe immigration is important, but legal immigration, by coming in through the proper entries. So again, if Braus is OK with all of this, then she would be right that Trump is dangerous, as he would stop the illegal influx that the USA can't sustain. It's been accurately said that "a country with no borders is no country at all."...

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Pritchard: A breath of fresh air

Guilford voters, please consider a breath of fresh air to the Guilford Selectboard when you vote on March 5. Steven Pritchard, a true Vermonter, is running for the two-year seat. Steven's desire is to be a voice for the people of Guilford. Steven believes that transparency is important. He...

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Dear Editor

Please consider publishing my letter advocating Steve Pritchard to the Guilford select board. Guilford voters, please consider a breath of fresh air to the Guilford select board when you vote on March 5th, Steven Pritchard a true Vermonter is running for the two-year seat on the select board. Stevens...

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'To imply that this is Israel's war is misleading and incorrect'

Kate Casa, in her article on the Hamas unprovoked, barbaric terrorist attack on Israel, fails to mention the collaboration and funding from Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, all known terrorist groups - these would be the same ones that chant, "Death to America." She also fails to mention that upon breaking through Israel's borders they proceeded to murder hundreds of innocent men, women, and children and take many innocent civilians as hostages. Some have been found abused and murdered. Israel was...

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