Hannah Sorila

We mean the words we are saying

We are ashamed that our tax dollars are being used to kill instead of create a world where all life can thrive.

Hannah Sorila aims to align intention and impact in global education and education abroad. She strives to challenge the field of global education to become more ethical, decolonial, sustainable, and accessible.

I want to acknowledge that many people (Tim Wessel included) are projecting their fears, skewed perspectives, and beliefs rooted in (white/colonial) dominance culture onto a movement whose ultimate goal is the collective liberation of all (oppressed) people.

For those of us calling for a ceasefire, for a free Palestine, for collective liberation, and for self determination - we mean the words we are saying.

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OPC would help us support one another by saving lives

As an employee who works in downtown Brattleboro, and as a sibling who has watched their brother struggle through addiction and recovery, I am hopeful about the conversations beginning around Brattleboro becoming a site for an overdose prevention center (OPC). This touches close to my heart, because for many...

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