Julie Beet

Eastes: Brings a vast skill set to Guilford Selectboard

With every Guilford Selectboard meeting that I witness, I am glad that Zon Eastes is chair of the Selectboard. If you've attended any of the meetings, you will have noticed the vast skill set that is needed for the job.

Whether he is running a meeting with a contentious issue on the agenda, exploring a complex topic that requires thought and research, addressing issues that are meaningful to Guilford citizens, or guarding Guilford's interests, Zon brings a curious mind and a warm heart to each task. He is constantly learning, asking questions, and developing a broad understanding of town management, municipal governance, and Vermont statute.

Zon has guided the town through some difficult years involving the pandemic, abrupt staff changes, lawsuits, and increasing divisiveness within our community and across the country. He has met these challenges with aplomb and equanimity.

The experience and knowledge that Zon has cultivated during his time on the Selectboard benefits the town of Guilford. I will vote to re-elect Zon Eastes for a two-year seat on the Selectboard.

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