Windham No Más Polimigra

Protect immigrants from unfair policing

Many of you have read of the vile and racist comments uttered by a police officer at the meeting of the Vermont Criminal Justice Council (VCJC) on Feb. 7.

An undocumented worker spoke of being afraid to leave the farm because of Vermont's law enforcement's continued cooperation with federal immigration and his fear of deportation. Mike Major, a deputy at the Chittenden County Sheriff's Office, then said, on a hot mic, "You're f-ing here illegally and you're worried about being safe? Yeah, OK."

Even worse, Mike Major was a member of the VCJC. He has resigned from that body and from his law enforcement position. But this is not over.

How can any immigrant in Vermont hear those words and not fear that the police will turn them over to United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or the U.S. Border Patrol?...

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