Julianne Kaplan

An inspiring act of inclusion

BRATTLEBORO-To everyone at the Multicultural Center: I want to express my profound thanks and appreciation for the amazing Global Talent and Fashion Show, an inspiring act of inclusion.

One of its most poignant aspects was hearing you refer to the refugees from across the globe as New Vermonters. This stood out to me as a symbol of authentic inclusion, because it embraces all people, regardless of where they're from, regardless of their differences from each other.

It truly celebrated the music, the dance, and the vibrant and colorful clothing from the different cultures. The celebration of differences created an inclusive environment and symbolized true inclusion - where everyone is seen and valued for who they are, and where everyone belongs.

As we celebrated the beautiful array of differences, the support from the community members in the audience was palpable; while our New Vermonters are recent arrivals and the audience members have presumably lived here for some time, the community felt seamless.

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