Michael Knapp

Local antisemitism threatens safety of Jewish Vermonters

Acknowledging Palestinian rights and suffering shouldn’t be silenced; instead, we must approach discussions with an understanding of the complexities and steer clear of extremist views

Michael Knapp is a software developer and entrepreneur who is passionate about social justice.

GUILFORD-As a Jewish Vermonter who has spent the past three decades working to improve our synagogue's safety and counter local antisemitism, I feel compelled to clarify that concerns about local antisemitism are neither unfounded nor a mere reflex. They are deeply anchored in the stark realities of our history and the present-day situation.

Recent letters to the editor, including those by Jewish authors, deny the reality and danger of local antisemitism. One by Matt Dricker and co-authors on March 25 dismissed a "reflexive, future-imagined fear of our neighbors repeating Jewish historical trauma." On Jan. 18, Dricker et al. dismissed a letter written by members of our local temple as exhibiting "saddening white fragility in our relatively safe community."...

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