Jewish Voice for Peace

Judaism and Zionism are not synonymous

Many of us have grown up being taught that supporting Israel is a core part of our identity as Jews. But what happens when unspeakable horror is part of the equation?

Jewish Voice for Peace's Vermont/New Hampshire chapter submitted this piece. Those signing this contribution: Robin Morgan, Ali Jacobs, Matt Dricker, Naomi Ullian, Leo Moskowitz, Rebecca Speisman, Abby Mnookin, Ruth Shafer, Alex Fischer, Jane Katz Field, John Field, and Maya Shulman-Ment.

BRATTLEBORO-As Jews who have a deep belief in justice and safety for all people, we are opposed to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Like many of the Jewish people protesting the Israeli siege on Gaza, both here in Brattleboro and in protests on college campuses and around the world, we do not want occupation and genocide in our name.

Israel is currently waging a violent military offensive on Rafah, an Israeli-designated "safe zone" in Gaza, where they have forced millions of people to relocate.

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