Lynne Kennedy

With 14% tax increase, what happens to those struggling economically?

BRATTLEBORO-I've been a supporter of Emilie Kornheiser since she first ran for Legislature. Now, however, I find I can no longer support her. She and her colleagues in Montpelier are leaving ordinary working people, families, and seniors on the sidelines.

This latest property tax of 14% is a perfect example of this imbalance. Sure, some of this exorbitant tax increase will go to schools - at least that's what Emilie promises. But no doubt, much of it will go to other programs.

What happens to families, working people, and seniors struggling to pay their current property taxes and buy necessities to live?

Property taxes in Brattleboro are among the highest in the state. ranks Vermont as the third-highest taxed-burdened state in the country. And that was before this 14% property tax increase.

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