Don Rosinski

We can do better

I am not going to comment on this commentary by Robert Fritz, as it simply plays the same old tune that has been kicked around for a long time. But it made me think.

If people watch the man we now call president and believe he has any kind of grip on reality, then we are fooling ourselves or we are blinded by our hate for the former president.

There are better, younger, and more qualified folks out there who could make this country better.

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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Towns, state bear responsibility for affordable housing crisis

There have been many articles talking about affordable housing here and elsewhere. Some people just don't get it. The folks who provide rental housing are being constantly handed down laws (that have a price tag on them) they must follow in order to rent their properties. The state and...

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‘This publication takes the low ground’

While I was not surprised at the headline on this piece by Randy Holhut, I was surprised by its content. Why is it this writer cannot be open-minded enough to appreciate citizens of different political backgrounds getting involved in their community? It has always been painfully obvious this publication...

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The firearms are not the issue

After reading Tom Finnell's history lesson on gun control, I was rather surprised at his statement, “If you can't down a deer with five rounds, you don't belong in the woods.” It is true that federal regulation requires a shotgun must not be able to hold more than three rounds in its magazine when hunting any migratory bird, which includes woodcock. However, semi-automatic shotguns, as well as pumps, are the firearms of preference, and their use is not prohibited. Please...

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A strong business climate also supports the arts

RE: “A semi-rural economy has unique needs” [Viewpoint, Aug. 21]: Jonathan Mack apparently made his money long before moving to Vermont. For him and many like him, this state is some kind of wonderland, and, in a way, he's correct. But scenic beauty aside, this is hardly the truth. The makeup of so-called Vermonters has been diluted to a point where Vermonters are no longer what they used to be. Years ago, perhaps farming was a way to make a...

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Beautifully landscaped sewer? No.

To me, Karl Meyer's piece in the Feb. 2 Commons, “A bad year for the river,” was improperly titled. He asked the question, “Are we returning to the 1950s, when the Connecticut River was dubbed the most beautifully landscaped sewer in America?” I say that if you are on the water and fish the river, you'd most likely say “no.” Meyer appears to have an axe to grind with anyone who, by whatever means, generates power on the Connecticut River.

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