Bill Schmidt

Mrowicki: We can’t ask for more

Mike Mrowicki is everything a state rep should be: intelligent, aware of the most important issues facing our district and state, respected by his colleagues in the Legislature, dedicated to service to his constituents, and experienced, with 10 years of service in the ways and wonders of Montpelier. We can't ask for more.

His values and priorities for me are right on. Issues of particular concern to him are the COVID-19 crisis, climate change, and racial and social justice.

The health, safety, and economic well-being of Vermonters are of paramount interest to Mike. His attention to issues is both focused and broad. Women's reproductive freedom of choice, broadband for all, and Vermont's working landscape are all on his agenda.

Please join me in voting for Mike in the primary on Aug. 11, and then in the November general election to give him another term as one of the two representatives of Windham-4 (Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster).

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Mrowicki: walks his talk

We're fortunate in Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster to have Mike Mrowicki seeking his seventh term in the Legislature. Mike has his priorities right on issues facing the state and is experienced at getting things done, especially but not only in human-service issues of childhood abuse and trauma, sexual harassment,

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House needs to fix ‘death with dignity’ bill

Our representatives in the Vermont House will soon take up a bill having to do with end-of-life choice, or patient-directed dying. This action follows the passage of an end-of-life bill by the Senate last month. Credit is due the Senate for its serious consideration of a carefully written bill...

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It’s about choice

It's all about choice. Choice is what's needed for terminally ill people who are facing death within six months. They need a full range of options to be able to decide for themselves how and when their physical life is to end. For many, if not most, pain control and palliative and hospice care are their choice, followed by a natural death. For some, for whom certain kinds of cancer or a disease like ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou...

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