Nancy Meinhard

Moran deserves return to House

Sometimes a new voice is important and necessary, but in the case of the current race for state representative in Windham-Bennington, the voice of experience and consistency is the preferable one.

John Moran, the Democratic candidate, consistently represented the best interests of all residents of this district. He understands and consistently addresses the needs of children, working adults, and military veterans as well as senior citizens.

He has demonstrated his commitment by serving on the local school board and speaking out for the interests of high performing small schools. He has represented workers, both through collective bargaining and legislative efforts to provide a livable wage.

In particular, Moran has supported women, both with equal pay and child-care initiatives. Similarly, he has consistently worked to protect and improve the well-being of military veterans and seniors.

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How teacher contracts are done in Windham Central

With anti-union sentiment running high in some quarters, I feel it important to correct a small but not insignificant, inaccuracy printed in “Small schools at crossroads in Vermont” [The Commons, Feb. 23]. In part of your  interview with Windham Central Supervisory Union superintendent Steven John, you state that “his...

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