Ross Connolly

COVID-19 is a crisis, and the public must act. That’s not divisive. That’s reality.

Discussion and debate about whether to wear a mask as a means to halt the spread of COVID-19 is traveling around Vermont like a wildfire - or, perhaps better said, like a virus.

The matter comes up frequently at the governor's weekly press conferences. Selectboards up and down the state - Hardwick, Morristown, Stowe, Charlotte, Brattleboro, and Bennington - are grappling with the issue.

The governor and many others say that mandating masks in public spaces and indoors would be unenforceable, counterproductive, and divisive.

If a mask were required at a selectboard meeting, a city council meeting, or even the governor's press conferences, a person who refused to wear one would be disrupting the public meeting and could be asked to leave. If they refused, the person could be removed. And that says nothing about common sense.

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