Richard Marek

Legislators, officials, or citizens don't cherry pick their laws

‘For the last 200 years, under our system of government, it has been the role of the courts to declare what is constitutional and what is not’

I'm sad to say that the recent Viewpoint by Dale and Nancy Gassett fails three key tests that I always found useful when I was in the Legislature - regardless of whether I was in the minority or the majority.

To summarize, they are outraged that a "tyrannical" legislature passed a law allowing Brattleboro to have people under 18 to vote on local issues, and they demand that Brattleboro officials do their supposed duty under their constitutional oaths by refusing to implement it.

The first test I used was the MYOB Test. Whenever I received calls and emails from people in other states telling me what I should do, I thought perhaps I should listen to the folks who elected me instead.

For a couple from Vernon to demand that Brattleboro officials do what they personally wish regarding Brattleboro's local elections obviously fails that little test on its face.

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Legislature equal to the VY decision

Although the proposal to strip the Vermont Legislature of its statutory role regarding continued operation of Vermont Yankee (House bill 331, “An act relating to removing the requirement of legislative approval of continued operation of a nuclear power plant”) has no real chance of passing , it still is...

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