Larry Bloch

Economy takes its toll; Save the Corporations to close

I would like to thank all of our friends and patrons for the support of and interaction with my store, Save the Corporations from Themselves, and our wonderful staff over the past 14 years.

Sadly, the doors will be closing at the end of January. The economic realities over the past three years have taken their toll, and I can no longer support the store I founded and love.

We hope you will stop in, whether to buy or to say goodbye.

As usual, the activist resource center is there for those of you seeking more than a friendly conversation or a simple purchase.

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An objection to ‘Right on Red’ in downtown area

Right on red for downtown seems penny wise and pound foolish to me. The three affected intersections are High, Elliot, and Flat streets. With no right on red, those wishing to turn right onto Main from High or Elliot have two phases where they can do so. • The...

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