Jim Herrick

Obesity can’t be separated from a nation that is all about Bigness

While reading Paige Martin's piece on childhood obesity [Viewpoint, June 12], I found myself considering her stance against the “big is bad and little is good” argument in a broader spectrum than just body size.

Her point in its explicit application has merit; the issue, however, does not stand disconnected from a host of others.

Although a pantheon of academic theorists has largely convinced us that any significant development can be stripped from the larger surrounding picture with no painful repercussions or blowback, logic decrees that every action has a reaction.

The world as a holistic entity must be understood holistically. Nothing we do ends with our intent satisfied: the ripples keep spreading. Our current economic model of endless growth in a finite space is a pertinent example.

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Social activists are heroes, not villains

The Nov. 29 Brattleboro Reformer editorial lambasting six elderly nuke protesters for irresponsible behavior represented a dogmatic thinking process so narrow and mean as to have no place in the here and now. Had this smug soulless writer been extant to witness the capture of escaped slaves during the...

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Sweet Pond: What are we doing?

A recent news report in The Commons [“A dam's fate,” March 30] describes an analysis by Vermont State officials of safety issues at Sweet Pond in Guilford. Development of a ”worst-case scenario” assumes flood damage to six downstream residences should the old dam fail. Determining this risk to be...

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