Dorothy Grover-Read

A luscious lemon tart is perfect after a rich holiday meal. This one is quite tart, but you can add more sugar if you’ve a sweet tooth.

Pucker up!

Zesty lemon tart is a family favorite

I grew up in a family of lemon lovers - the more tart, the better. After a heavy holiday meal, a little slice of a zesty lemon tart is a perfect finish.

One of my mother's favorite tarts to make was her sister's lemon tart, only Mom always topped her version with meringue, probably because my aunt never did so with hers, and they were a bit competitive in the kitchen.

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Simple, sensational sides

Save sanity with these holiday recipes

No matter the feast, we love a variety of side dishes, and sometimes they even upstage the main event. But we want things simple as well as tasty, and having a few tricks up our sleeves at this busy time of year will definitely reduce the stress factor. Whenever...

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A favorite and versatile sweetener

Maple-baked egg cups are a slightly more subtle way to enjoy the flavor, and boiled dumplings are a celebration of maple — lots of maple

When I hear that the sap is running, I'm happy indeed. Warm days above freezing and cold nights below, mean the sap run is upon us, and it can't come a moment too soon. March in Vermont brings every type of weather possible, with little bursts of perfect early...

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Side dishes that hold their own

We spend a lot of time and money on the holiday main dish, but the side dishes are often the most memorable. There would be a revolt in our family if we didn't have creamy mashed potatoes and gravy or everyone's favorite cauliflower and cheese sauce. But I like to switch things up a bit, too, and try something new every year. Sometimes, that experiment manages to become part of our regular offerings. I really appreciate a few dishes, like...

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Festive treats

From Thanksgiving through the holiday season, we get the sweet little clementines, tangerines, and sometimes mandarin oranges. My Christmas Clementine and Cardamom Cake makes a nice use of them - all of them, as you use every bit of the fruit except the seeds. You can also substitute another favorite sweet orange, but adjust the amount accordingly. Every year, I give away these cakes at Christmastime; it's become a ritual, along with making the candied orange peels with my granddaughter.

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One more story to tell

A friend texted me last Tuesday: “Did you hear that Ray Massucco died?” The text came in a couple of hours after his death, small-town global communication at its swiftest. “That can't be,” I said. “He just posted on Facebook! Not Ray!” But it was true - and my disbelief of that moment continues. When someone is so dynamic a force, it is hard to think that one day he simply wouldn't be here any longer. I doubt that I...

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You might have to take a poll

We're all thinking about our Thanksgiving menus this week, including the important pies and desserts to please everyone around the table. I have rarely made a pumpkin pie from scratch, and when I have (once) it did not turn out as good as my mother's. Couple that with the fact I'm not a pumpkin pie lover, there has been little experimentation in my house, although I make one every year for those who think it isn't Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

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The world needs apple crisp right now

You know it's autumn when you catch that first whiff of apples cooking - especially apple crisp - and right now, the whole world needs a nice big portion. Who can resist the sight, the smell, the texture of the crispy top and the spicy, softened apples underneath? In this version, I've added a couple of ripe pears that were asking to be used, and seasonal cranberries as well, which lend a lovely pink blush and special flavor to the...

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