Alice Charkes

Car drivers, share the road with bicyclists

We are very concerned that here in Brattleboro in the past few weeks there have been four crashes involving motorists and pedestrians or bicyclists.

Because so many of us rely on cars for transportation, it is easy to forget how powerful and dangerous one can be.

A great number of our friends and neighbors here walk and bicycle to get to work, get exercise, and do daily errands. Please be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians by actively looking for them when you are driving.

Observe the speed limit, please, and pay close attention when you are making left and right turns.

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Burke champions bikes, pedestrians at local and state levels

I support Mollie Burke, a Progressive/Democratic candidate for re-election in the Vermont House of Representatives for the Windham-2-2 district. Mollie has been a tremendous supporter of bicyclists and pedestrians through her work at the state level on the House Transportation Committee, and at the local level through her work...

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Biker appreciates removal of railroad siding

A great shout-out of thanks to Steve Barrett at the Brattleboro Department of Public Works, Cersosimo Lumber, and New England Central Railroad for removing the dreaded railroad siding on Route 142 which has caused the downfall (literally) of many, many cyclists over the years. The tracks are gone and...

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Share the road with bicyclists

Have you noticed these signs around town lately? They have been distributed through the Safe Streets Project, a town committee whose mission is to create a culture of respect and increase civility and safety on our streets for everyone through awareness and education activities. Remember that cyclists only travel around 10 mph and they, like you, have a destination. Give respect, get respect. Safety is a two-way street.

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A reminder on new bike safety rules

The new bike lanes on Putney Road have caused some concern among motorists. I am passing along some information on them, current safe traffic practices of Sharing the Road, and the new Vulnerable Users Law passed in July 2010. • The use of bike lanes on Putney Road is intended to dedicate certain space on the road for bicyclists so that car drivers know where to expect them. The goal of both the Vermont Agency of Transportation and the Windham...

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