Andy Davis

Time to retire Colonels name to make way for a new BUHS identity

As the son of a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, I have never had a problem with the title “colonel.” I have had many a former student play for the Colonels, and I have cheered on “purple” from the stands many a time.

In 2004, when the Brattleboro Union High School board ended any official use of the image of a Southern plantation–based slave-owning “colonel” as the school mascot image, it also ended the display of the Confederate flag and the slogan “Pride of the South.”

These were, I believe, good decisions. These decisions were made in the context of other racially charged incidents at the school and in the community.

It is unfortunate that the BUHS board did not commission in 2004 a process to create a new colonel logo, one that could reflect a history different from the Southern plantation, or a non-historical, abstract vision of a colonel as a symbol of leadership.

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It is time to ‘Make America America Again’

Don “The Con” Trump was fully informed that he had lost the 2020 election and that there would be no way to change the outcome. Yet he said this as he defended the Jan. 6 insurgents: “If you know a vote is fraudulent, right? How can you pass on...

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Updated Bottle Bill would keeps waste off of our roads and out of our rivers

I enjoyed your recent article on the upgrade of the tire recycling program at WSWMD. However, other recycling programs are also in need of upgrading. The Vermont Bottle Bill is way out of date. Why are so many popular beverages that are packaged in valuable recyclable materials such as...

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Black Lives Matter protests not equivalent to Capitol insurrection

Perhaps the most appalling defense mounted by members of the GOP for the fallen Donald Trump was that the violence at the U.S. Capitol was somehow equivalent - or even less serious - than the protests for civil rights that occurred throughout the summer in the cause of Black Lives Matter. Let me clarify. The marches and protests that followed the extralegal lynching of George Floyd and the utterly incompetent raid that resulted in the murder by police of Breonna...

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Number of contested races bodes well

What a wonderful antidote to the daily news - early voting at the Brattleboro Town Clerk's office. The number of contested races bodes well for the vitality our self-governance. Please consider a vote for Oscar Heller and Daniel Quipp for Brattleboro Selectboard. Local issues and national issues have merged. Housing, energy, and the sustainability of our town are priorities that we must address. Emily Murphy Kaur, Jaci Reynolds, and David Schoales are running for the Brattleboro seats on the Windham...

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Candidate humbled by election to Brattleboro Town School Board

I was truly humbled by the show of support that I received on March 5 in my election to the Brattleboro Town School Board. Prior to being sworn into office, I attended school board meetings, talked with individual members of of area school boards, and had the chance to testify as a citizen before the Senate Education Committee. Many people are working on finding a suitable compromise that would allow some form of delay to forced school mergers, while the...

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Candidate statement: Davis seeks seat on Brattleboro Town School Board

I have taught in Brattleboro public schools for over 25 years. Our two children went to Brattleboro elementary schools, Brattleboro Area Middle School, and Brattleboro Union High School. Even though I retired from teaching in June of 2018, I continue to contribute to area schools and to speak out for quality public education. I am committed to promoting equal access to a quality education for children of all abilities. I have lived in this town for over 30 years and...

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The roots of Haiti’s economic difficulties

Donald Trump's racist remarks about African nations and Haiti display a profound level of historical ignorance. In preparation for an upcoming trip to Haiti, I have been reading Haitian history - especially the roots of its economic difficulties. More people in this country should know that Haiti was the second nation in this hemisphere to throw off its colonial rulers. The United States gained independence from Britain in 1783, and in 1803 the slaves of Haiti overthrew their French masters.

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