Laura Berkowitz

Banner continues to send a loving message

The “We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All” banner is flying over Main Street in Brattleboro for one week beginning on Oct. 8, just in time for Indigenous People's Day, a good time to fly the banner in their honor and in recognition of their suffering.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which works for racial and social justice, says: “Every act of hatred should be met with an act of love and unity.” Raising the banner over Main Street and standing up for civil rights for all people is such an act.

Right now, the Trump administration is holding a hate rally all across our country. We must rally the same amount of love and unity in response. Taken together, all our positive nonviolent public actions add up to a huge “love rally,” of which the banner raising is just a small part.

Every part is an essential part. We need to be in the streets, in public, standing up for loving, caring, sharing, and helping, in a massive way.

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Thanks for supporting, witnessing ‘Civil Rights for All’ banner

I hope you saw the banner flying over Main Street in Brattleboro last week. On Sept. 3, the Brattleboro Fire Department raised the “We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All” banner over Main Street for the third time this year. Making the banner and paying the hanging fees to the...

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Help out the ones who help us spread holiday cheer

For years, Bartleby's in Wilmington and the Book Cellar in Brattleboro (which share a common owner) have been supporters of the Whitingham-Halifax Lions Club holiday food-basket program. Thanks to their support and so many others in the community, our club has been able to bring joy and nourishment to...

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