Howard Fairman

Chute: Leaders do what is principled

Town of Putney Selectboard chairperson Aileen Chute is running for reelection to a second three-year term. I am voting for her because:

• Her forthright public statements affirming affordable housing and its residents have proven that she is a leader in Putney: Leaders do what is principled.

• She has demonstrated her natural ability to chair public meetings: dealing fairly with pacing and debate while mentoring her less-experienced Selectboard colleagues in close collaboration with Putney's town manager and ensuring that everyone who wants to speak has been heard.

While no one agrees with all that selectpersons do, I agree that Aileen Chute does them well and has earned reelection.

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What Friends of Putney oppose and propose — and the consequences

Friends of Putney clearly believe that they have rightly appealed thrice to Vermont Environmental and Supreme Courts in opposition to Windham & Windsor Housing Trust's Alice Holway Drive affordable-housing project. Let's consider what is already approved, what Friends of Putney oppose and propose, why they lost two appeals, how...

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Insurers’ actions force pharmacy out of business

I was a Hotel Pharmacy prescription customer who experienced examples of how they were forced out of business. Hotel Pharmacy told me that my Medicare Part D insurer has contracted with the manufacturer to cover the brand-name version of a common medication and deny coverage of generic equivalents. Moreover,

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Crime novel worthy of admiration

Retired Brattleboro Police Department Captain Mark Carignan's premier novel Out from Under: George V. Higgins would have admired it. If you know who he was, that's my review. If you don't, read both.

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Wessel: Will independent candidate caucus with a party?

Vermont Senate candidate for Windham County Tim Wessel avoided primary-election campaigning and spending by running in the general election as “independent.” If elected, will he caucus in Montpelier with Democrats? Progressives? Republicans? Let's ask him. We Windham County voters have the right to know with which party Tim Wessel will caucus before we vote for him.

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Hashim: the experienced candidate

Nader Hashim of Dummerston is the experienced candidate to replace retiring Windham County Senators Becca Balint and Jeanette White. A former Windham-4 state representative (Dummerston, Putney, Westminster), Hashim knows firsthand how our Legislature works and how to work in our Legislature. A former Vermont state trooper, Hashim knows firsthand real-life Vermont and real-life Vermonters. A law clerk becoming a lawyer, Hashim knows firsthand how laws that our legislators pass work in practice as he prepares to practice law. I have...

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Rescue Inc.: moving on, post-Brattleboro

Rescue Inc. charges the same per-capita annual fee to 15 member towns: subsidizing uncollectible accounts and partially subsidizing lower Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates compared to those of commercial health insurers, as is clear from its public IRS Form 990 financial statements. According to data from Rescue Inc. member towns from the U.S. Census Bureau's latest American Community Survey: • Brattleboro's median household income is lowest. • Brattleboro's poverty rate is highest: an indicator of Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement rates.

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Rescuing Rescue Inc.

As defined in state statutes, “'Emergency medical services' means an integrated system of personnel, equipment, communication, and services to provide emergency medical treatment” (emphasis added). Rescue Inc. is an integrated system of personnel, equipment, communication, and services to provide emergency medical treatment. Rescue Inc. delivers basic and advanced emergency life support, basic and critical-care transport, stand-by services at public events, a technical rescue team, child safety seat installations and inspections, and Covid-19 vaccinations throughout Vermont EMS District 13, plus Stratton...

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