Ann Wright

Including quote about candidate lacked integrity

I was disappointed with the reporting of the Selectboard election results, with a strong focus on one candidate's opinion of another candidate's position.

Brattleboro is a small town. Even if we don't know someone (I don't know Jackson Stein or Evan Chadwick), chances are we know of someone who does.

While Stein is entitled to his opinions and to voice them on their media channels, for a community newspaper to report statements of opinion made by one candidate and exclude the voice of the person being spoken against made me question not the integrity and position of Chadwick, but that of The Commons.


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Rental inspections: ‘For people like me, where does it end?’

I have been reading about the proposed changes to the rental inspections in Brattleboro with some interest. One of the things I have not seen mentioned are homes like mine that have two or three apartments and are also owner-occupied. The issues I read about seem to be with...

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The waters are receding, but many neighbors are in need

I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am that we have come through Hurricane Irene mostly in one piece, and all the stronger for it, as we forge ahead helping our neighbors and our own families and friends, in the days, and weeks, of...

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