Emily Heath

On giving thanks

‘The biggest challenge in most of our lives is not that we don't have enough grace. It's that we fail to recognize that grace when we receive it

When I went into the ministry, I knew that there were certain occupational hazards.

I knew there would never be Sunday morning golf games. I knew I wouldn't be spending a whole lot of Saturday nights out late. I knew I would have to start liking wearing black clothes a whole lot more.

And, most importantly, I knew that at every Thanksgiving meal I went to for the rest of my life, I'd be asked to say the blessing.

Usually I get asked at the table, but last year I actually got a call early on letting me know I was going to be giving the blessing. It's sort of harder when you know what's coming. You think that you have to come up with something really good. That you have to sound really grateful.

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‘God doesn’t cause natural disasters to punish us’

A pastor in flood-torn Wilmington and Dover sees a harsh reality, and grace, amid the chaos

Last Saturday night, I phoned the leaders of the two churches I pastor here in southern Vermont. I grew up in central Florida, and it felt bizarre to be considering calling off worship services for the first time in my pastorate for a hurricane. Who expects a hurricane in...

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