Jonathan Mack

A step backward at the Statehouse

Legislation would undermine marijuana legalization and civil liberties

In this era, while we see impressive gains in some areas of civil liberties, we also see stagnation, serious threats to progress, and outright regression in others.

Democracy itself is under severe threat with upsurges in authoritarianism and oligarchy both abroad and in the U.S.

We might sometimes like to take comfort that we live in a state where a more-egalitarian approach is often the rule.

But even Vermont's more open-minded approach is threatened by the recent passage by the House of Representatives of a bill sanctioning saliva testing of drivers.

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A semi-rural economy has unique needs

We do not have, nor can we have, an industrial economy

In thinking about business in southeastern Vermont, we have to take into account the simple fact that most small towns, like mine, are semi-rural. We do not have, nor can we have, anything that resembles significant industry. Farms make sense here. So it's pointless to think of economic “solutions”

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A long-term process

We will need to work together to move forward, writes a Selectboard member of one flood ravaged time

When my wife and I decided to move to southeastern Vermont, a key factor in our decision was finding a place where community meant something. As a psychologist, I believe that a sense of community is an important and underappreciated human need. I don't want to get glossy-eyed about...

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