Fran Lynggaard Hansen

An aerial view of the School for International Training campus in Brattleboro.

SIT marks 60 years of educating ‘global citizens’

Leahys will attend the celebration and will meet with refugees, as the nonprofit organization and college looks back at its roots of promoting cross-cultural understanding

BRATTLEBORO-In 1961, President John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver, was tapped to assist in training college-aged youth for the launch of Kennedy's Peace Corps program, leading to the establishment of the School for International Training (SIT) in 1964, which allowed university students to study abroad.

Now, 60 years later, SIT acts as the academic arm of World Learning, Inc., a global nonprofit focused on development and exchange with an umbrella of programming, educational opportunities, and training at home and abroad.

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On the Mainstage

Becky Chan, a former area resident and Brattleboro Union High School graduate, finds connection through the art of storytelling — on this night, about her journey from Putney to the FBI to ‘The Moth’

Becky Chan sits casually with us, her friends, chatting about our youth in Brattleboro. Fellow graduates of Brattleboro Union High School class of 1976, we have traveled to Tarrytown, N.Y., to see Chan perform in "The Moth in Terrytown," a Moth Mainstage event. Chan, who now lives in Seattle,

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Adapting to changes

‘I’m always thinking about what’s next,’ says Howie Prussack, who stumbled on his calling 50 years ago: organic farming

Howard (Howie) Prussack is relaxed, sitting in the warmth of his greenhouse on this overcast March day, enjoying 70-degree weather among the tomato plants he started in late February. "The celery is up, and we're potting turmeric today. We're also working on ginger propagation," Prussack says. Turmeric and ginger?

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Maple memories

I smell maple syrup in the air and travel back to the kitchen of Grandma and Grandpa John. I am 12. Daddy has brought them the first taste of maple syrup from Hazelton's Orchard. Grandma has promised to make sugar cakes with me. Grandma heats the syrup in her cast iron pot. She shows me a long-handled wooden spoon, and she asks if I remember how to tell whether the syrup is hot enough for candy. She lifts the spoon...

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Exposing the past

In one member's home on a cold February night, six members of the Wardsboro Photo Group, all accomplished photographers and historians, pass around a set of photographs, organized by number in large plastic boxes designed to keep the art safe and dry. They have met at this table every Wednesday night for more than 30 years. For years, Chuck Fish, active in photography for the Dummerston Historical Society, has followed the efforts of the photo group, which is associated with...

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Stylists unite for a friend in need

Loretta Palazzo recalls her first impressions of Re Sheppard. "All those years ago, she popped into Boomerang looking for a job," says Palazzo, the owner of the clothing store on Main Street. "I noticed right away that she is artistic, she was dressed so cool. Soft spoken, super kind. That's how we became friends." Some people know Sheppard as a talented rock star musician who plays bass guitar. Other people know her from work at New England Center for Circus...

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Marking midwinter

A tradition carries on this week with the start of the Brattleboro Winter Carnival's 68th year. Since 1993, Carol Lolatte has brought her organizational talents to the committee organizing the celebration, and Lolatte, who by day works as recreation and parks director for the town, has served as president for the last three years. "I have the hat that I wear for the [Recreation and Parks] Department and the hat I wear for the senior citizens in town. Helping run...

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Organizers hope to draw attention to Ukraine war

Kerry Secrest and her brother, Christian Stromberg, agree that the war in Ukraine matters to the world. "In 1906, my Lithuanian great-grandparents arrived in the U.S., fleeing the Russians as well," explains Secrest, of Brattleboro, who serves as honorary consul of Lithuania to Vermont. "Growing up, we only knew Lithuania as an occupied country, and living two years there under Soviet occupation, I saw firsthand the awful consequences," adds Secrest, who calls the fall of the Soviet Union from 1988...

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