Ron Krupp

Home gardeners are stewards of our genetic heritage

Our food supply is in the hands of the multinational corporations — to reclaim control, we can only save the seed from important plant varieties or start to seek varieties that never were sold that way. Here are some basics about seeds.

When we plant a seed, we create a direct link between our ancestral past and our potential future.

The seed we plant has traveled around the world, from farmer to farmer, from Native populations to traders and conquerors to royalty and eventually back to farmers.

The carrot seed that we plant originated in Afghanistan; tomatoes and peppers, in South America; potatoes, in the Peruvian Andes; eggplant, in central Asia; watermelon, in tropical Africa.

Most of our brassicas originated in the Mediterranean basin. Lettuce was first noted in Greek and Roman times. (The word “romaine” is an adulteration of the word “Roman.”) Peas are quite ancient: the oldest saved seed found at the Spirit Cave site on the Thailand-Myanmar border, dates back to 9750 B.C.E. Peas were also prevalent throughout the Mediterranean region to the Near East and central Africa. Their paths have led them in and out of popularity and through a long culinary history.

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VPR commentaries were its heart and soul

In August, all the commentators of Vermont Public Radio- including myself - were shown the back door. When I heard the news, I was visibly upset. You have to understand: I have been doing garden and farm commentaries for VPR for over 20 years. I was one of longest-serving...

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George H.W. Bush leaves a dark legacy

Despite the sanitization and beneath the civility, our 41st president governed detestably

For the people whose countries or lives were destroyed by George H. W. Bush's violent actions, he'll always be a monster. Here are a few of the many reasons why, beneath the civility, Bush was a detestable president. Bush was a Texas congressman, CIA director under President Gerald Ford,

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Democracy is waking up

I don't believe Bernie Sanders can win against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic machine. What's important to me is his slogan - “A Future to Believe in” - and his platform of: • taking money out politics • raising the minimum wage • holding Wall Street accountable • preventing catastrophic climate change • supporting single-payer health care • breaking up financial institutions • moving from free to fair trade • making infrastructure investments • reforming education and the criminal justice...

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