Laura Austan

Shelter process was never a secret

Hyperbolic, hysterical NIMBYism.

So much for compassionate spirituality in our town. This is ego-hippiedom at its most-glaringly obvious.

Where were these hand-wringers through the whole development review process? It was never a secret; there were lots of meetings.

I swear, the “love and light” crew in this town shows its hypocrisy more every year. Posers.

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We’ll always have old Brooklyn in us

RE: “Life is like a dumpling” [Essay, July 3]: My brother, who's still in the New York City area, just told me that our old neighborhood (Bay Ridge) is also entirely Asian, as is the Episcopalian church we attended back in the '60s. All the families we knew -

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Cheese truism

RE: “The artisan-cheese revolution” [Food & Drink, June 5]: There is little in life that can't be helped by cheese.

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Displaced tenant: ‘This is insanity’

On Aug. 27, 25 of my neighbors and I were evacuated from our homes because of Irene's imminent flood worries. Brattleboro was hit surprisingly hard and in some unexpected ways. I live in Melrose Terrace, a subsidized housing development for the elderly and disabled. I had waited two years for an apartment there and had moved out of the Brooks House two weeks before it burned down. Melrose Terrace is my home. I can wheel outside, I have a ramp,

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