Lynn Russell

Our country is at the mercy of our collective group consciousness

When my generation (over 70 years young) was growing up, we got the message loud and clear that our democratic republic, the USA, demands of us citizens (voters?) some responsibility, i.e., participation in and paying attention to the ongoings of the current society in which we live.

I wonder if the same holds true in today's technol-ized world?

All votes are valuable and worthy of protection! Expand the right to vote in order to capitalize on the collective wisdom of the group!

Capitalism, greed, competition and “me-first-ism” in all its various forms of elitism have all contributed to the current erosion of our American experiment in self-governance.

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Elected officials violated their oaths. The Constitution makes the remedy clear.

I want to start a conversation about the Constitution, and I wonder how many folks have read it recently. Some folks believe the Supreme Court is the interpreter of the Constitution and so do not take the time to read it personally, to our collective detriment, I believe. It...

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Our birthing process

The clarity from this downpour of emotion brought to us by COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter promises something new and better than we imagined

Valarie Kaur's new book, See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto for Revolutionary Love, is a moving and expansive read for me. Valarie's life experience as an American woman of color has much to offer all of us who are willing to listen. She asks: “What if this darkness...

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Inviting 5G to Vermont: reckless!

Would you invite a known coronavirus carrier into your home to live with you and your family? Allowing 5G into Vermont would be like inviting the coronavirus to live with you and every other family in Vermont. Reckless! Self-defeating. For a healthy future and full internet convenience/ capability, hard-wired physical cable to every home and business will satisfy our state's internet access needs safely. Thank you for insisting on health and safety for all.

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Carnival should have passed on burning torch tradition

Appalling to find a burning torch at the top of Main Street in Brattleboro, in celebration of Winter Carnival week! Burning fossil fuel for looks-ism is a questionable choice in the face of the climate crisis emergency. Apparently the town manager, Selectboard, and Town Meeting members do not believe the climate crisis is an emergency! It most certainly is, folks! It truly is real. Forests are still burning in Australia, following the Amazon and California fires, and land masses in...

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Daims: Break the inertia on local response to global climate change

The Brattleboro Selectboard needs new energy, like a shot of vitamin B12 or something. Kurt Daims offers just that shot of energy in his candidacy for a one-year position on the Selectboard. Kurt is passionately dedicated to improving Brattleboro's experience and expression of democratic governance, being particularly attentive to including individual voices and ideas that culminate in a collective voice of the town's conscience and innate sense of well-being. He wants to help Brattleboro grow healthfully and deliberately into a...

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Will and intention of the majority shall be served

While the major media (owned and controlled by 1-percenters) continues to announce the voters' support of the current federal administration as 40 percent (ignoring some reports it's slipping to 30-percent range), they refuse to acknowledge or repeat the fact that 60 percent or more of voters disapprove of the current administration and policies. The truth is most of the country rejects the bully tactics and trajectory of destruction brought to Earth by these seemingly soulless, heartless creatures of selfishness and...

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‘Keep your mind off my body, please’

Kenneth V. Scipione wrote self-righteously, and as some kind of expert because his church agrees and he feels abortion is wrong. With that in mind, I suggest he - and the Catholic church - not have an abortion. I also suggest that whatever choices I make for my health and well-being, as well as for my family, is clearly none of his business. Nor that of the church, any church. The Bible repeats the phrase “judge not” several times. I...

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