Les Kozachek

Why is Homeland Security stockpiling ammo?

If you want to know why Janet Napolitano, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition - enough to provision a 24-year Iraq war - then get in line with the 15 U.S. representatives and an increasing number of reporters who also want to know.

Napolitano is refusing to explain the extraordinary purchase - far more than is needed to accommodate live use and weapons training during the five-year purchase period - to anyone.

Napolitano is also refusing to tell these members of Congress why she bought, through the U.S. Marines, 2,717 recently-retrofitted MaxxPro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicles - each with a gun port - along with more than 7,000 5.56x45mm assault weapons, plus capacious 30-round magazines.

Napolitano's and, thus, the White House's arbitrary withholding of vital information from Congress and the American people is not new.

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Connect the Dots: Desperate and misguided

Lack of scientific legitimacy for all of the apocalyptic claims

At the risk of being ostracized by the region's dilettante trustafarians, and also, I fear, by Globalists worldwide, I am compelled to note the glaring flaw in the rationale underpinning the newly launched “Connect the Dots” Warmist initiative. “Connect the Dots” is not, as it sounds, an attempt to...

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How Irish are you willing to be?

Half the taxpayers in Ireland refused to pay a tax imposed by the ‘banksters.’ What will we do when they come to our shores?

Tax season in the U.S. comes and goes virtually unnoticed. A little math here. A little grumbling there. A ritual letting of blood, and it's all over. But there was a time (I'm thinking Boston Tea Party here) when paying taxes - or, rather, not paying them - in...

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Do you know where your democracy is?

As far as I can tell, democracy is designed to offer two basic protections from government tyranny: 1. Protection of the person, including personal liberty. 2. Protection of private property. If that's the case, then why has the Senate just “democratically” approved (93-7) Senate Bill S1867, the National Defense Authorization Act? The House has already passed its version of the bill, and a secret joint committee will now finalize the wording before sending a mutually agreed upon version back through...

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Brattleboro Police cracks down on Main Street jaywalkers

Are you willing to pay $150 to cross Main Street? If not, then the Brattleboro Police Department has a less costly option. Don't jaywalk. The $150 maximum fine begins with a $75 citation, which, if the alleged jaywalker contacts traffic court in 20 days, “will likely be reduced to $10 or less,” says Brattleboro Police officer Adam Belville, who was issuing the citations. Belville explained to the four people he cited for jaywalking between 10 and 11 a.m. last Tuesday...

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