Robert F. Smith

This sign at Riverfront Park in Bellows Falls warns anglers to be on the lookout for sturgeon and to return them to the river if they inadvertently catch them. Sturgeon have been sighted in the Connecticut River below the Bellows Falls dam for the first time in more than a century.

After more than a century, sturgeon return to Bellows Falls

A study provides guidelines for hydro facilities to protect the return of the fish to the Connecticut River watershed

BELLOWS FALLS-It has taken two years since researchers first began accumulating evidence, but on June 7, scientists announced that shortnose sturgeon are living in the Connecticut River as far north as the hydroelectric dam in Bellows Falls.

Sturgeon exist in the fossil record going back 250 million years and, for thousands of years, have been native species in the Connecticut River.

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Elder statesman

Jon Langford, a multitalented artist and punk legend over the past four decades, brings his new band to Bellows Falls, the village he fell in love with last year

BELLOWS FALLS-Punk icon Jon Langford and his new band The Bright Shiners will be playing at Ciao Popolo in Bellows Falls on Friday, June 14. Langford said he's looking forward to being back in Bellows Falls, where he made a strong connection to the village a year ago. He...

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At BFUHS, a flurry of construction on a building with ‘lots of life’

Classes may be ending, but work on the classrooms has just begun. The school will start next year with a new roof, new science labs, and more clarity on how to address the PCBs contaminating the 1971 building.

WESTMINSTER-As the school year ends and summer break begins, Bellows Falls Union High School (BFUHS) has $9 million in major projects in the works over the coming months. Four of the projects on the 53-year-old building are interrelated, and coordinating them for the best use of time and resources...

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June events will draw hundreds to Bellows Falls

BELLOWS FALLS-This June is going to be quite a month for Bellows Falls, and it starts off with a bang. Bellows Falls has been chosen to host Vermont's Downtown and Historic Preservation Downtown Project Conference of 2024 on Wednesday, June 5, and on Thursday, June 6, the village will host the Vermont Arts Council's Creative Convening Summit. The two conferences will bring hundreds of visitors to the village. Also on Wednesday, June 5, at 5 p.m., there will be a...

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Voters approve $1.8M budget, water line bond

BELLOWS FALLS-Most of the articles considered at Monday's Annual Meeting of the village were housekeeping items that passed without much comment or discussion. But two of the articles - the $1.67 million village budget, and borrowing $650,000 to replace the Kissell Hill water line - prompted considerable discussion. In the end, all the articles passed, including an amended Article 5. Regarding the village budget, most voters stated that they were fine with the budget but were concerned about a couple...

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Clock ticks for weighing in on license renewals for hydro projects

BELLOWS FALLS-Three Vermont hydroelectric dams and generating stations on the Connecticut River in Wilder, Bellows Falls, and Vernon, plus two in Massachusetts, are in the process of renewing their operating licenses - a process that has been extended for public comment by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) until Wednesday, May 22. The operating license renewing process has been going on since 2012. The facilities were last issued licenses by FERC over 40 years ago and the licenses for the...

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Rockingham considers merging three fire departments

ROCKINGHAM-The study by a Wyoming EMS consulting firm has recommended that three fire departments - Bellows Falls, Saxtons River, and Rockingham - be consolidated into one with one town-wide fire district. AP Triton presented the results of a feasibility study of the three local fire departments at a special joint board meeting of the Selectboard and the village trustees of Bellows Falls and Saxtons River. The Bellows Falls Fire Department employs a fire chief and on-call firefighters, while both village...

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Unearthing history

BELLOWS FALLS-In May, a community group will begin unveiling its work on a $37,000 study of the Native rock carvings next to the Vilas Bridge on the Vermont side of the Connecticut River. The Kchi Pôntegok Project (kit-see pohn-tuh-guk), named after the Abenaki expression for "at the Great Falls," which refers to the location of the petroglyphs. The group is at the point of wrapping up the project and members are planning public presentations of their findings. The group will...

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