Elayne Clift

Vermont has declined to participate in a summer meal program like this one in 2015.

Where are the state’s priorities?

Vermont declined to sign on to a federal program to provide free or subsidized lunches to more than 20 million children in need of nutritional support. Can a policy decision that reduces child hunger be that hard?

Elayne Clift (elayne-clift.com) has written this column about women, politics, and social issues from the earliest days of this newspaper.

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The time for change is now

More than ever, we need four institutional changes as our government hovers on the brink of disaster

Elayne Clift (elayne-clift.com) has written this column about women, politics, and social issues from the earliest days of this newspaper. As Greek philosopher Heraclitus claimed around 500 BCE, "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

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A time of heartbreaking conflict, two views ring true

I am writing to stand with Nancy Braus and Samia Abbass in their respective Viewpoints [Voices, Dec. 20]. The two pieces are related in my view insofar as they express the feelings of both a Jewish woman and an Arab woman at a time of heartbreaking conflict that affects...

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We must be prepared to save our democracy

Elayne Clift (elayne-clift.com) has written this column about women, politics, and social issues from the earliest days of this newspaper. Let's get real about the most vital issue Americans face as we slowly march toward our dubious future as a nation. It's not about President Biden's age, which is - annoyingly - center stage. After all, Donald Trump is only three years younger than the president, morbidly obese, and an obvious psychopath. The 2024 race is about one issue and...

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The power of hope

Ever since David Hogg, X González, and other high school student leaders began organizing against gun violence, when their Florida school experienced a massacre in 2018 that killed 17 people and injured 17 more, I've clung to the belief that if we could get to the Parkland generation as political leaders, we just might save our country. I believe that now more than ever. David Hogg is 23 now and a student at Harvard University. It should come as no...

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Israel and Hamas: both guilty of civilian slaughter

Kudos to Kate Casa for calling for historical context and fair and balanced media coverage of the terrible conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. Both Israel and Hamas are guilty of the slaughter of innocent people. We must bear witness to all the brutality occurring in an inconceivable escalation of violence that is killing civilian victims on both sides of the conflict. It's a conflict without end, unless our fading humanity can recognize the human cost of massive...

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A is for ‘absent’

Her name was Shirley Myers, and she was a gift in my life when I needed one. I was in middle school and a loner, unlike most kids that age, because my mother suffered from depression and was hospitalized for long stretches. Ms. Myers was a calm teacher and a gentle soul and, somehow, I started going to her classroom after school to talk with her. It was quietly comforting to be with her, and we formed a bond that...

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Relishing every moment

All my life I have disagreed with Henry David Thoreau: Unlike him, I think it is "worth the while to go round the world to count the cats in Zanzibar." That's why inveterate travelers find the return to post-pandemic travel an exhilarating experience. This spring, my husband and I were excited to resurrect an aborted trip abroad that was planned almost four years ago. We were so excited, you might have thought it was something we'd never done before. The...

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