Cathy Bergmann

Bellows Falls cannot afford the status quo

In answer to Ray Massucco's letter [“BF budget foes should become part of the solution earlier in the process,” Sept. 25]:

Shame on you. It's not the taxpayers' job to do the budget.

I attended a budget meeting with ideas and was not allowed to speak by the village president; I raised my hand for over 30 minutes and was never called upon. I had thoughts and ideas that would lower costs and raise revenue and yet they didn't want to listen.

At Village Meetings, the only thing that can be done from the floor is to suggest an amount, not any line items. I suggested a line item one year and it passed, yet the approved money was never used for that purpose! This village and town government does not respond to certain areas of its constituents.

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Easier just to point fingers

I am writing in response to Whit Blauvelt's letter “ZBA stretched state criteria [Voices, Jan. 4]. I don't want to get into the usual he said/she said back-and-forth that Whit so enjoys. However, I was at the meeting he was referring to and he was not. I am not...

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We're not heartless

‘This village has always cared, has always had a heart, and has always felt deeply for the safety and well-being of all its neighbors’

In the past few weeks, editorials, letters, and articles have been written about the Greater Falls Warming Shelter. Most have been supportive of the shelter and hopeful of the outcome of the zoning board decision. As most of you know, that decision was passed down and was a tie.

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