Whit Blauvelt

Property lines meet at the center of the road

Your article mentions a complaint by Laura Campbell about "WWHT's 'startling' characterization of lots on opposite sides of Carol Brown Way as 'contiguous,' when they touch at no point; rather, the lots are separated by a busy thoroughfare owned and maintained by the town of Putney."

Ms. Campbell may be ignorant of the standard relationship of property lines to town roads in Vermont: each lot has its boundary at the street's center. Two lots on opposite sides of a street do touch there.

As a point of fact under Vermont law, Ms. Campbell's claim appears false.

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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Sheriff’s promises to citizens? Out the window.

Sheriff Keith Clark wants to turn his attention away from his duties serving Windham County and toward a get-rich-quick scheme. Mr. Clark wants to build a jail in Rockingham whose main purpose will be to house federal prisoners, with each prisoner's stay paid for by the feds and a...

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Bellows Falls should leverage potential of riverfront

What is the best use for the former Chemco property, at the uniquely scenic junction of the Saxtons and Connecticut rivers, just below the Falls? Vermont towns along the Connecticut are just beginning to wake up to the immense potential of their riverfronts. The Whetstone Station restaurant in Brattleboro...

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Bellows Falls voters responded to silly claims

Career-staffed fire departments moving to all-volunteer firefighting forces is a “trend”? Thorough reporting would fact-check a claim like that, along with other silly claims, such as the one made elsewhere by Bellows Falls Village President Nancy McAuliffe that people are selling their homes and moving because of the $80-a-year cost per-$100,000 home to pay career firefighters. Thankfully, she said nothing quite so silly at Village Meeting, where her plan was voted down soundly, by a 2-to-1 margin. Nothing makes a...

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Turn off the spotlight

Please cease all quoting of Deb Wright. She is simply a nuisance. Amplifying her rants does not help, in any sense. She should have no spotlight.

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Time to remove Wright’s barely hidden agenda

Deborah Wright must go. It was her barely hidden agenda that led to the unjust firing of Rockingham Free Public Library Director Célina Houlné. It was her barely hidden contempt for all who oppose her agendas which embarrassed the village of Bellows Falls when she was a trustee, and now the town of Rockingham in her membership on the library board. It's time to remove the spotlight she craves, and let calm, responsible people whom we may be proud of...

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Time for a new broom

RE: “After tense months, library nears opening” [Town & Village, Sept. 11]: The Rockingham Free Public Library Board of Trustees should resign en masse. We need a new broom to sweep up the mess they've made and undo the demoralization of our fine library staff, whose first duty has always been to the public and the patrons, and not to the egos of the most domineering members of the board.

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Angry people shouldn’t define the agenda for Bellows Falls

Well-provided public services are an essential feature of an attractive community. To gut essential services, such as fire and police, will only make this wonderful village a far less attractive place to live, and head it into decay. Some of those who propose doing so have family members who've been in trouble with the police. Perhaps they resent this and prefer the trouble of lawlessness for us all over the trouble of more police focus on their relatives' activities. Those...

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