Whit Blauvelt

The sky is falling

RE: “BF gets raw deal in letting police chief serve Rockingham” [Letters, Aug. 14]:

Note the slippery logic here, going from “What benefit?” to “zero actual dollars.”

Does everything of human worth have a dollar value? Should government operate by the same principle as prostitutes?

Still, Deb Wright concedes there is possible revenue from this. And there's nothing to indicate this will take much of the chief's time.

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Bellows Falls approach belongs in North Korea, not Vermont

RE: “Bellows Falls Trustees urged: hold homeowners 'accountable'” [News, Nov. 21]: True pride requires freedom in order to thrive. Here we're seeing “health and safety” used as an excuse to try to regulate the aesthetics of our neighbors' homes. So “a strong police presence” is to be used to...

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Landlords need legal, cost consequences

RE: “Anatomy of an eviction” [Aug. 25]: Does anyone really believe that the landlords, who have at least two homes for themselves, couldn't make the mortgage and afford repairs just because they allegedly weren't receiving rent for a few months from a single apartment? If they had a typical...

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ZBA stretched state criteria

Re: “Shame, shame, shame on The Commons” [Letters, Dec. 21]. The Rockingham zoning board did not merely apply state-required criteria in its decision not to approve the Bellows Falls Warming Shelter. It stretched them all out of shape in order to please a small but vocal group in the village that is disgusted by those poorer than themselves and strongly prefers not to see them. The zoning board rejected the location based on the transparent claim that the shelter would...

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We should be ashamed

RE: “Bellows Falls winter shelter without a home,” Dec. 7. What's most telling is that the three members of the zoning board agreed that the claimed impact on traffic should be a real concern. That's claimed impact: • on the main road through downtown. • that is already below normal traffic levels because the bridge from downtown to New Hampshire is closed, and will be for a few years. • on additional traffic consisting of perhaps one or two vehicles...

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