Sandy Golden

Look at all causes for rent increases

I read with interest about Brattleboro’s proposed charter change to limit rent increases to 12% per year to avoid throwing tenants out due to rent increases.

I propose an addition to this amendment: since rents may not be increased by 12%, property taxes (which affect renters as well as homeowners) may not go up by more than 12% in a year.

Let’s look at causes for rent increases ... all causes.


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Solutions to crime start with demands to state lawmakers, not blaming Trump

Nancy Braus writes that the Republican solution to crime is to “lock away all Black men,” which seems to imply she thinks only Black men commit crimes and that skin color matters when police try to stop crime. She also says that arrest and prison, as well as “catch...

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High gas prices are Biden’s campaign promise

As we pay more at the gas pump and consequently more for everything else, let us remember that Joe Biden is only fulfilling his campaign promise. Over and over again, then-candidate Biden promised to “get rid of fossil fuels.” He made this promise to children on the campaign trail.

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Children described as waste products?

Elayne Clift stated in her column about abortion that a Supreme Court justice said that women don't need abortions “because they can easily dump their newborn babies into adoption or foster care like so much detritus.” The definition of “detritus” is waste of any kind, or organic matter produced by the decomposition of organisms. Is she seriously stating that adopted/foster children are simply waste products? I call upon the author to clarify her truly horrifying statement.

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Viewpoint illustrated what is going wrong in our country

I read Tim Stevenson's most recent angry diatribe and could not be more struck by what a great example he is of what is going wrong with our nation. Stevenson goes after the Republican party and anyone who voted for Trump, declaring among other things that the party has become “an incipient fascist outlier” and that it has been “waging war against democracy.” He wants to divide people based on political affiliation. He seems to support one-party rule, which is...

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Who have we become, indeed?

Elayne Clift's column begs some questions, as does David Gray's Facebook post, which she quotes. There are ridiculous reasons to be stopped by the police, including hanging an air freshener on your rearview mirror, having an expired car registration, having too much of your license plate covered, etc. Let's all ask ourselves: Who created these laws? Why can falling behind on property taxes, even in a paid-off home, result in a person being thrown into the streets, increasing homelessness? Why...

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Dangerous elements on both sides of the political spectrum

I have heard the outrage about the march on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. I have heard lawmakers were afraid for their lives. I am betting that regular civilians trying to live their lives in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and other cities felt that exact same fear when violent protesters set fires, destroyed businesses, and viciously attacked the police. They marched under different banners, but their results were the same: Fear and danger to everyone. We were horrified that anyone...

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Down payments, property taxes can be barriers to home ownership and retention

I have been reading with interest the debate between landlords and tenants in The Commons about the rental ordinance. I felt compelled to offer a different viewpoint. Many who pay rent can also afford a mortgage payment on a home of their own, but it seems barriers to home ownership are down payments and property taxes that go up every year. Down payment requirements by banks are high, often 20 percent or more of the total price of the home.

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