Pam Baker

Why would someone write something like this?

It is appalling to see Tristan Roberts blatantly trading on the death of someone, but even more heinously, on the death of George Floyd.

This candidate's entire piece was ostensibly to illuminate for Windham County voters, his motivations for running for office. And yet he spent the majority of it talking about the tragedy of Mr. Floyd and a first responder bystander, while managing to throw in some tidbits about hosting a “Black guest” on his “farm.”

What purpose did it serve - other than to virtue signal, of course - to name the race of his guest? Why? Would any of you do that?

I do hope the people of Windham County are able to think critically when reading tripe like this. To question why someone would write a piece of that nature is our civic duty and a human justice responsibility.

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‘Happy Holidays’ column: It needed to be said

Re: “'Happy Holidays' is not the problem” [Viewpoint, Dec. 21], by Rev. Emily Heath. I am so incredibly thankful that someone has finally said the thing that needs saying, and has said it so well. My mother raised me to think the way the writer suggests, and it makes...

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