Heidi Henkel

Central to our culture

Cross-country skiing is as Vermont as maple syrup and dairy. It can be a safe alternative to riskier sports for high-school kids, who should be allowed to participate.

To Gov. Phil Scott:

I applaud your efforts to keep us all safe from COVID-19. However, you made a mistake in shuttering all school sports, some of which are no danger at all for COVID-19. One, specifically, is especially low risk, and is also a central part of Vermont culture.

Cross-country skiing is very central to Vermont culture, as central to it as maple syrup and dairy products - actually, I think, much more so.

Vermont produced Olympians and Olympic coaches such as John Caldwell, Mike Gallagher, Jim Galanes, Bill Koch (silver medalist), Andy Newell, Ida Sargent, Jessie Diggins (gold medalist), Liz Stephen, Sophie Caldwell, Patrick Caldwell, Susan Dunklee, Lowell Bailey, Emily Dreissigacker, Tim Burke, Martha Rockwell, Laura Wilson, Kerrin Petty, and Trina Hosmer. There are likely more.

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Childhood ill health: obesity is just the beginning

RE: “Childhood obesity's real problem” [Viewpoint, June 12]: In discussions about “childhood obesity,” one significant contributor to the epidemic that's rarely mentioned is psychiatric drugs, which children are taking in record numbers. Most psychiatric drugs cause metabolic changes that cause substantial weight gain. Some of these drugs cause extreme...

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From the Archives, #209

I think some youths in Brattleboro feel a need to have some pride and dignity in being working class, and the model of that, that they are choosing, is the racist redneck. This leaves the working-class youths desperately grasping for some dignity, with no help with that from the...

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