Kate O'Connor

Gelter: thoughtful, listens, willing to make tough decisions

I'm writing in support of Jessica Gelter for Brattleboro Selectboard.

As a member of the Selectboard for six years, I know firsthand what it's like to be on the board. From the seemingly small matter of taking care of our sidewalks to the larger discussion of what community safety means to us, the work of the board goes to the heart of what makes our town an affordable and welcoming place to live.

It's important that we have individuals on the board who are thoughtful, willing to listen, and not afraid to make tough decisions. My family and Jessica's family are longtime neighbors. I've had many across-the-fence conversations with Jessica, and I've found her to be that and more.

Our town has challenges, but we have many exciting opportunities in front of us. This election will provide us the chance to add a new voice to the board. We're fortunate that Jessica is willing to step up and be a part of shaping Brattleboro's future.

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It’s time to admit the flag thieves have won

Seven years ago, my father, Tim O'Connor, decided that the town needed a little more red, white, and blue during Brattleboro's Fourth of July festivities. So on his own, he bought 125 U.S. flags and put them in the flower buckets throughout downtown, around the traffic island across from...

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Thanks from O’Connor

I'd like to publicly thank my family, friends, neighbors, and fellow townspeople for their support in my recent campaign to represent Brattleboro's District 3 as state representative. I spent the summer knocking on doors and talking with hundreds of residents. I learned that while we might differ on specific...

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For O’Connor, this is what comprises community

A letter to the editor in last week's Commons [“What exactly do we mean by 'community'?,” Aug. 8] asked me to answer the question, “What is community?” For me, Brattleboro is: • The hometown where my great-grandfather arrived from Ireland at age 20, working as a laborer at downtown's W.H. Vinton & Son paper mill until his death in a plant accident in 1915. • The hometown where my grandfather, who lost his father at age 8 and his mother...

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The early days

Sept. 5, 2001 As Howard Dean plotted out a potential campaign, he struggled with another important decision - whether he was ready to leave the governor's office. Leaving a job you've enjoyed for more than a decade isn't easy to do, even if you are thinking about running for president. But by fall, after months of going back and forth, Howard was relaxed, upbeat, and clearly comfortable as he told a small crowd of local news media, staff, and other...

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