Gail Nunziata

Blinking lights, pedestrian terror

Here is another voice in favor of putting downtown's traffic lights back on cycle.

I worked at the Latchis Hotel and Theatre for 10 years and during that time, I must have stood on the corner of Main Street and Flat Street at least 5,000 times, waiting to cross. In addition, my office window overlooked the same corner.

It is safe to say I saw a lot of traffic, and had an overabundance of pedestrian experiences, in my day.

Bring back the lights! Brattleboro's director of public works, Steve Barrett, knows how keenly I protected that corner from the dreaded blink. Aside from pedestrian terror, there was always the misery of those in cars trying to make a left turn from Flat to Main.

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Measles is a serious, and totally preventable, disease

When I was 7 years old, my sweet, funny, smart cousin Madeline, just my age, got the measles. We were all getting the measles back in those days, like we got the German measles, also known as rubella (a milder form of regular measles), chicken pox, and the mumps.

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Film caps an intense year for Latchis

On Aug. 28, 2011, Tropical Storm Irene tore through Vermont, putting the Latchis Theatre out of commission for nearly seven weeks and affecting hundreds of businesses and households in Windham County. One intense year later, on Aug. 28, 2012, the Latchis Theatre was packed for a fun-filled screening of...

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What's going on with Latchis movies?

What is going on with movies at the Latchis? That is a question we've been asked, and one that deserves an answer. On one hand, we hear concern that the movie mix has changed in favor of commercial fare. On the other, families who never found the types of movies they wanted at the Latchis are happy to see them here, where the surroundings are historic and the popcorn is fairly priced. Here is the backstory on what is going...

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