Dan DeWalt

A march in Brattleboro earlier in March drew 150 in a global call for ceasefire.

Let’s look the entire truth in the eye

‘The October attack is but the latest act of horrific violence that has rocked Palestine and Israel. Conflict has been the ongoing reality in Palestine ever since the Zionist project to give Jews a homeland at the expense of the Palestinian inhabitants became aggressively active 100 or so years ago.’

Dan DeWalt, a frequent contributor to these pages and one of the founders of this newspaper, writes that if he didn't love his country, he "wouldn't spend so much time trying to get it to live up to its purported principles."...

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Newfane can send a message to lawmakers about need for ceasefire

Town Meeting voters in Newfane will be debating a resolution that calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and calls on the Vermont Congressional delegation to support Sen. Bernie Sanders' Resolution 504, currently tabled in the U.S. Senate. Resolution 504 calls on the State Department to certify that U.S.

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In their own words

To understand the genesis of the violence and intolerance in Gaza, we must understand Zionism. Here are some quotes from Israel’s Zionist founding fathers and military, political, and intellectual leaders.

Dan DeWalt, a frequent contributor to these pages and one of the founders of this newspaper, writes that if he didn't love his country, he "wouldn't spend so much time trying to get it to live up to its purported principles." Since the eruption of violence in Israel/Palestine on...

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No more money for Israel

Dan DeWalt, one of the founders of this newspaper and a longtime activist for social justice, clean energy, peace, and restorative justice, describes this piece as "a collaboration with another Windham County citizen whose job status would be at risk were they to disclose their name." Washington is preparing to send a $14.3 billion year-end genocide bonus to Israel so it can continue to carry out war crimes while thumbing its nose at global calls for an enduring ceasefire. That's...

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On false promises and outright deceit

What makes politicians publicly embrace a lie when the truth is staring them in the face? "There is an apartheid state here. In a territory where two people are judged under two legal systems, that is an apartheid state." A simple statement of fact - in this case made recently by Tamir Pardo, a former head of Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, referring to Israel's current system of treatment of Palestinians. Pardo is not the only Israeli official to say so.

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Family values are not expressed by what type of genitals you were born with

America's radical right has chosen to target drag shows and transgender people in their latest assault on family values posing as a defense of family values. Shocked cries about grooming and child abuse are spewing from their mouths like pea soup from Regan in The Exorcist. The very folks who are trying to bring back child labor and want to take food out of the mouths of poor children, are now suddenly very concerned for those children's welfare. Strange that...

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We don’t deserve a guarantee of comfort every time we experience art or music

On Jan. 26, Brattleboro was treated to an evening of Windham County’s Got Talent. Young contestants got a chance to perform for the judges and the public. One young student, after an investment of time and hard work, was excited to perform Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit.” However, less than hour before the performance, a parent voiced an objection to the song and asked that it not be performed. To their credit, the organizers encouraged the youth to go forward with...

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Whose story?

History - what could be simpler? Things happen, they get written down, we read about it. For instance, the Boston Tea Party was an act of piracy, the revolution was a criminal enterprise. Not so fast, you say? This take might have been the historical view of the British, but it misconstrues the noble acts of self-determination and free speech that is the real story of that conflict. Or consider the Spanish-American War, which gave the Cubans a new American...

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