Madeleine Kunin

Vermont must enshrine abortion access in law, state constitution

The decision to have a safe and legal abortion is under threat. Recently, the state of Alabama ruled to outlaw almost all abortions - including in case of rape or incest. It is one of the chilling indicators of Roe v. Wade's fragility.

The intent of the new law is to bring it all the way up to the Supreme Court in the hope that the newly conservative court will strike Roe v. Wade down.

This ominous action makes it vital that Vermont protect the right of our citizens to uphold access to a safe and legal abortion. The alternative would force women to go back to the old days - of botched abortions, sickness, and possibly death.

Fortunately, the Vermont General Assembly is on the way to inoculating itself against such a dangerous federal retreat. Enshrining abortion rights into Vermont law is the first step. A constitutional amendment (which takes four years to amend) is equally important to protect Vermont women and families.

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Shumlin’s fight with VY is not without precedent

When governors are responsible for citizen’s safety, why shouldn’t they press for safety of nuclear reactors in their states?

Governor Peter Shumlin's efforts to challenge the safety of Vermont Yankee does not mark the first time that a Vermont governor went toe to toe with the nuclear power plant. Way back in 1985, when I was governor, I learned that the plant had falsified inspection reports for years...

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