Susan Aldridge

Shameful sham of American justice

The Senate votes against allowing witnesses or testimony. President Trump is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of justice. He refused to send subpoenaed information to the House, refused to let subpoenaed people testify to the House, and a small majority of Senators shamefully shammed justice as they stand as bystanders to the bully by refusing to allow any witnesses or testimony in the Senate.

They were wrong. The American public has watched the impeachment process.

We are all witnesses to this shameful sham of American justice! And it matters!


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Multiple deaths, inconsistent justice

A Vermont Superior Court found Steven Bourgoin guilty of second-degree murder for killing five teenagers in an accident he caused by driving the wrong way on Interstate 89. Why has President Trump not been charged with second-degree murder in the matter of five immigrant children whose deaths were caused...

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St. Nicholas, advocate for women’s dignity

Dec. 6 is celebrated as St. Nicholas Day in much of the world. I'd like to take a moment to remind folks that this man, born around 275 C.E., in what was then Greece and now is part of Turkey, was known for his passion to protect those in...

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Kids respond to artist’s loss

Compassion. I could fill a book: from the way drivers automatically take turns at the four-way stop signs in Brattleboro to the many organizations around the area that provide compassionate support. Last fall, a situation arose, like a Phoenix from smoke and ashes - a remarkable act of compassion. Jim Giddings' studio burned down, and 40 years of his artwork was destroyed. His loss called out to the hearts of many. We pride ourselves in this region for our firm...

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