Mike Hebert

Outgoing representative urges write-in vote for Gilligan

Aug. 14 is the date for the primary election in Vermont. Patrick Gilligan is seeking the Republican nomination for state representative representing Guilford and Vernon.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control; Patrick was unable to complete the petition process to have his name placed on the ballot. He is asking you to request a Republican ballot and write his name in for the state representative position.

I, too, am asking that you take a Republican ballot and with your write-in vote nominate him to be on the November ballot for state representative.

I do not make this request lightly. As you know, during my time as your Representative, I did everything in my power to represent all of my constituents with equal and fair consideration. I know Patrick would do the same.

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No risk, no reward

As Guy Page points out in his recent op-ed, Conservation Law Foundation's opposition to NorthStar's proposed purchase of Vermont Yankee may claim to be based on fiscal caution, but a look at the numbers should leave very little concern for the plan's reliability. The trust fund for decommissioning of...

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A change of plans

‘I once again ask for your support. This time, I ask for your support of my decision not to seek re-election.’

That time has once again arrived for candidates to announce their intention to run for office and get signatures on petitions. I have been honored to have your support and the privilege to serve as your representative in Montpelier. I once again ask for your support. This time, I...

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Will NorthStar get cold feet and leave?

As a current legislator who served on the House Committee on Energy and Technology, and as an elected public servant to my neighbors in Vernon, I have seen many interactions among state, local and federal officials over the years. Right now, I'm very concerned about the message the Vermont Department of Public Service is sending to the federal government, and to NorthStar, the company that wants to decommission Vermont Yankee by 2026. In a recent federal filing, the state worries...

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NorthStar deal can prevent 50 years of economic stagnation in Vernon

As a legislator, I live in two worlds - my hometown of Vernon, and the Statehouse in Montpelier. Although separated by two hours of interstate driving, Vernon and the Statehouse have priorities in common these days. Both hope to see clean, prosperous economic development of the Vermont Yankee site, as soon as possible. Vernon needs replacement tax revenue and the jobs of a new, major industrial employer. Montpelier desires the potential revenue to fund state spending. And both expect an...

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State rep. assigned to health-care committee

Under the new leadership of Mitzi Johnson, the speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives, my committee assignment has been changed from the House Committee on Natural Resources and Energy to the House Committee on Health Care. The overall makeup of the health-care committee has changed dramatically: Of the 11 members of the committee, five are freshman house members. The chair remains the same, and two other members remain from the last biennium. With the debate over the health-care system...

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Continuing the EPZ will hurt local economy

For more than 40 years, Vernon and Vermont Yankee have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. The town has been home to many employees, has educated their children, and has provided excellent highway and public safety services. Employees have been generous with volunteering their time and making donations to various causes and, of course, the plant has been the largest taxpayer in town. Both Vermont Yankee and Vernon wish this strong relationship to continue during the plant decommissioning phase. I am...

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Hebert: Humbled to return to Montpelier

Thank you to all the people who voted in this month's election. I am honored to have been reelected to represent Guilford and Vernon in Montpelier. Being elected is a humbling experience. So is knowing that the people of my district have trust in me to continue working diligently to address their concerns and working with my fellow legislators in moving Vermont forward. I renew my promise to you that I will represent all the people of Guilford and Vernon...

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