Peter Van der Does

A modest proposal

We cannot have another accidental death during a police apprehension.

Why not give law enforcement tranquilizer guns?

Officers have only split seconds to make a potentially lethal decision. With a tranquilizer gun, they can shoot first and ask questions later. Was that just a shiny object in the suspect's hands or a handgun?

No joke intended. Let's give the police tranquilizer guns and end these accidental killings.

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West Brattleboro P.O. is diligent about helping people vote

There was an item on the radio a few weeks ago from the current administration about a number of ballots that were found floating in a ditch. There was no source given for this information or where these ballots were discovered. I have a completely different experience regarding my...

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Daims: an activist gets things done

I have known and worked with Kurt Daims for several years. Although I do not always agree with his positions, I know that he is an activist and gets things done. Among the ideas I do agree with: the budget referendum he put before the Selectboard concerning the high...

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VY site should be cleaned to highest standard

The town of Vernon isn't at all interested in turning the Vermont Yankee site into a nature preserve. Its leaders would like to benefit from jobs and taxes brought in by a company or companies occupying that space. Who can blame them? The question is: Do they know the difference of a few millirems of radiation when a nuclear power plant is decommissioned? If the site is “released for industrial use,” the Nuclear Regulatory Commission allows a decontamination of 100...

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Drain the river, close Vermont Yankee

It's time we recognized all the benefits that we are getting from Vermont Yankee. First, there is the electricity, right? Didn't VY produce two-thirds of Vermont's electricity? Well...VY might have produced it, but they didn't provide it! Vermont Yankee is a merchant plant, selling electricity to the highest bidder, and it certainly didn't all go to Vermont. Why am I speaking in the past tense? Because since March 22, Vermont hasn't been buying any power from Vermont Yankee. Don't believe...

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When will we learn?

Its time to fill in the blanks and correct some mis-information on the nuclear issue. For instance, a recent writer to this paper affirmed that there were no deaths due to the meltdown at Three Mile Island, and he complained that people were not doing the legwork necessary to get the facts straight [“Getting the facts right: that's the morality,” Letters, May 9]. Apparently, this gentleman is also guilty of not doing his legwork. Three Mile Island was not a...

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Other causes for nuclear meltdowns

Recent advertising and resultant commentary has left your readership with the mistaken impression that a meltdown at a nuclear reactor, such as the General Electric-designed Mark I BWR (boiling water reactor) at Vermont Yankee, can only happen with a natural disaster. This impression is absolutely mistaken and should be corrected. Three main technical glitches can lead to a meltdown: a rod drop incident, a loss of coolant accident, or an internal loss of electrical power. It would be wrong to...

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