Spencer Crispe

Unhealthy and deeply destructive

The far right's bigotry, lies, and small-minded hatefulness are contemptible. But the far left is also damaging in the extreme.

Brattleboro, like much of the United States, is all too often putting the subjective feelings of the individual ahead of the rights and health of the community.

I have generally voted Democrat my entire adult life. However, in recent times, a frightening portion of the left has become so extreme that it is at times on parity with the extremist right.

I find the extreme right such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump to be abhorrent. Their bigotry, lies, and small-minded hatefulness are contemptible.

However, the extremist left in 2023 is also deeply destructive.

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Brattleboro residents: advocate for greater policing resources

The police deserve support when they do a good job, and the Brattleboro Police Department overwhelmingly has done a good job for our community. However, our police need more staffing and resources. Downtown Brattleboro, especially the parking garage, needs a much greater police presence. The police need to be...

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Fix or tear down the parking garage, a bubonic cocktail of neglect

Hopefully more and more people will join the growing movement to have Brattleboro either step up or tear down the parking garage. A huge number of people no longer park there because the town has abdicated its basic duty to taxpayers and citizens to maintain the garage. Let's go...

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Large-scale wind development incompatible with what makes Vermont special

Further large scale wind development is completely incompatible with Vermont's landscape, resources, scenery, and overall economic drivers. I was elated to read about the proposed plan that says that large-scale wind turbines are unsuitable for the 27-town Windham County region. Wind farms destroy mountaintop environments forever. I think if the general public saw what kind of large-scale devastation the creation of a wind farm does to a mountain environment, they would be aghast. Typically, the wind company has to lop...

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Brattleboro skatepark: a long time coming

Forrest Gump ran across America multiple times, in less time than it has taken to get a skatepark in Brattleboro. NASA's Exploration Rover traveled all the way to Mars while this town has floundered on getting a skatepark. It has taken longer for Brattleboro to get a skatepark than World Wars I and II, combined. In fact, the Panama Canal, the Empire State Building, the Burj Khalifa, the Titanic, the White House, Michelangelo's statue of David, and the St. Louis...

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Stop talking and support skate park

If everyone donated $1 for every discussion about the Brattleboro Skate Park, we would have had enough money to build 73,242 skate parks by now. The time for superfluous discussion is over. The discussion topic of the skate park has been beaten to death. I sincerely think it has been discussed more than Vermont Yankee, the Middle East, and the Champlain Monster combined. It has gotten to the point of gross absurdity. It has become an embarrassment to our community's...

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Get out and hike on expanded trail system

The network of trails in Wilmington and Marlboro has expanded dramatically. It has been so great to hike and mountain bike all over Hogback Mountain and down near Lake Raponda. Additionally, the Hoot, Toot, and Whistle Trail and Valley Trail in Wilmington have made huge strides towards completion this year. These trails are tremendous assets to the area, and all are encouraged to get out on their bikes, or to hike, especially with fall in full effect.

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Check out the hiking trails in and around Wilmington

I just wanted to spread the word about all the trail work being done in Wilmington. The trails committee has created an extensive network of trails throughout various parts of town that are great for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. In particular, the Wilmington side of Hogback Mountain, between Lake Raponda and the Marlboro town line, has lots of trails for everyone to enjoy. These trails also abut the Marlboro network of trails. There is some great...

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