Elayne Clift

Where is Abigail Adams in today’s political discourse?

Misogyny is at its most extreme because powerful men simply cannot abide a world in which women too are powerful, whether in their homes, communities, states, or countries

In all the talk about encroaching autocracy in the United States and elsewhere, politicians, pundits, media personalities, and others need to remember the words and wisdom of the revolutionary second first lady, Abigail Adams, who admonished her husband to “remember the ladies.”

Another first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, echoed her predecessor in a recent CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour when she called out the absence of misogyny in various analyses of forces at work when countries descend into autocracies and dictatorships.

She was right to do so.

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For women of color, a disparity in health care

Our country’s history has led to present-day lack of equitable, affordable, accessible health care if you are Black or poor

Much has been written in the literature of public health about the shocking maternal mortality rate in the United States. Occasionally, media reports the alarming rate when there is a hook. Advocates concerned with women and health illuminate the problem in reports and at conferences. But in light of...

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What will be the lasting legacies of Covid?

Our world could be forever changed in multiple ways that we haven't recognized or fully experienced yet because of the pandemic's long-term effects - not on our bodies, but in our cultures and societies

As the new Covid booster becomes available, it's good to see eligible people lining up to receive it. In addition to providing a new layer of protection against the virus, the vaccine is a reminder that the Covid pandemic is not over, despite changes in safety protocols that contribute...

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Scenes from a marriage

The Actors Theatre Playhouse presents Vern Thiessen's Shakespeare's Will, a one-woman presentation featuring Wendy Almeida as Anne Hathaway speaking her mind on the day of the funeral for her husband, William Shakespeare. There are four performances only: on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 7, 8, 14, and 15, at 7:30 p.m., promptly. Very little is actually known about William Shakespeare and his wife of 34 years. But this much we do know: Anne was 26 years old and pregnant when she...

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We are in the early stages of full-blown fascism

At last, alarm bells are ringing. Most sentient Americans are beginning to realize what is at stake in the November midterm elections and the 2024 election that will follow - unless by then they are cancelled. That's because unless you're a devotee of Donald Trump and his ilk, it is now clear that we are in the early stages of full-blown fascism and the death of democracy in the United States of America. It has become blatantly clear that what's...

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Hostage in a dysfunctional digital world

Remember a time when it was possible to travel the world with an up-to-date passport that simply validated your identity and sent you on your way? It was easy to undertake an exploration of a world full of random pleasures, surprising beauty, and serendipitous encounters. Today it takes several ever-changing passwords to navigate the simplest computer journey, no matter the destination. It's an experience so frustrating and fraught with roadblocks that it has become a giant stressor at a time...

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Beginning again from the ground up

Just days before the horrific Supreme Court decision that killed Roe v. Wade - a grievous act that rendered women and girls property of the state and subjected them to forced childbearing - a spate of opinion pieces appeared bemoaning the fact that feminism was all but gone in the face of massive backlash. Feminists I admire wrote disheartening columns that included expert opinion, research findings, and personal analysis. New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote that “as the backlash...

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We need unprecedented action. Now.

When news of another school slaughter broke, this time again in Texas, the bile that rose in my throat was as bitter as the memory of Columbine, Newtown, Parkland and the other grievous incidents of gun violence in schools - all 554 of them since 1999, as NPR has reported. From the Carolinas to California, 27 school shootings are among the 214 mass shootings this year alone in the United States, and it's only May. But this is not a...

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