Robert Kropp

Down to the wire

Lengthy last-minute negotiation session between teachers, school boards averts strike; WNESU teachers unanimously OK new contract

It took almost 300 days and several well-publicized rancorous exchanges, but the teachers and school boards of the Windham Northeast Supervisory Union (WNESU) averted a strike on April 3 by reaching a tentative agreement on the terms of a new multi-year contract.

While the terms of the new contract will remain confidential until it is ratified by all parties, Darren Allen, a spokesman for the Vermont-National Education Association, told The Commons on Monday that “The teachers have already unanimously ratified the tentative agreement.”

Windham Northeast Superintendent Christopher Kibbe expressed some surprise at the speed with which the teachers ratified the contract.

“It's a little unusual that the teachers ratified it without having a final copy of the contract,” he said.

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