Heidi Mario

Lucy Terry Prince could not have witnessed massacre

Thank you to Shanta Lee Gander for her interesting column regarding Lucy Terry Prince.

There does seem to be a some confusion, however, regarding the history behind Prince's poem “Bars Fight.”

Ms. Gander states that Prince was a “bearer of witness” of the “famed Deerfield Massacre.”

The Deerfield Massacre occurred in 1704 when French and Native American forces assaulted the settlement of Deerfield, Mass., killing 47 villagers and taking 112 as captives. Lucy Prince was born around 1730.

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Attempt at humor: Deprecating, condescending, and downright cruel

First, Eileen Parks [“Requiem for a Dollar Store,” Aug. 22] calls an elderly woman who was momentarily unpleasant in a grocery store a “wrinkled mass of pure uck.” Then, the employees of a small store are derided for being too helpful, and described as “pitifully stinky bums.” I have...

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Hope she finds happiness

Susie Crowther's piece [“Plan A,” Viewpoint, April 25] puts me in mind of an old story. An old man is sitting at the top of a hill, in view of a small town, when he is approached by a young traveler. The traveler says, “What are the people like...

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