Sarah Dickson

The elephant in the closet

Support for LGBT high school students is minimal, a Leland & Gray senior writes

You are having a conversation with a friend, and there is this obvious thing you both are aware of, yet, for whatever reason, refuse to acknowledge.

Maybe it's that you cheated on a test, or it could be something more serious - that someone close to you died, or that you like your friend but he or she doesn't feel the same way.

The awkwardness and discomfort gnaws at your self-esteem. The elephant in the room grows so huge and conspicuous that at last it is impossible to ignore, or else it might crush you.

Imagine that elephant is your existence. A piece of your own identity is this thing no one dares speak of. It's taboo to even utter the word describing this thing in any seriousness; you can hardly say it yourself.

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