Vicki Gohl

For downtown retailers, things are bad right now

Customers who are uncomfortable, scared, or frustrated with their experience are in no hurry to return. Those of us who submitted the recent letter can’t stay in business without a community effort to address these issues.

I am one of the invisible signees of the published letter.

What surprises me about the response to our letter is that the means of expressing our concerns seems to be more important to this community than the message we tried to convey.

In our businesses, we hear from customers that they are uncomfortable and are in no hurry to come back to town.

Anyone who believes we do not have skin in the game needs to think again. We have all of our skin in this game.

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Global warning: Scheme built on shaky science

RE: “Connect the Dots: desperate and misguided” [Viewpoint, May 25]. Finally, someone who agrees with most people I know: that the whole “global warming” scheme is only going to enrich the corporations that come up with so-called carbon trapping, and carbon-tax-collecting banks. This money will be taken from the...

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