Ilene Roizman

Help keep prescription drugs out of the water supply

The brief story on National Prescription Take-Back Day left out a crucial piece of information.

Potential for abuse is only one reason to responsibly dispose of extra or no-longer-needed medications. Another reason, perhaps even more important, is to keep these substances out of the water supply by treating them as hazardous waste.

It should be common sense anyway, but the Environmental Protection Agency strongly recommends that people refrain from flushing drugs down the toilet or washing them down the drain. This recommendation also applies to all kinds of personal and household products, which most of us wash or flush away without even thinking.

Keeping certain drugs out of the hands of potential abusers is one thing, but keeping all these chemical substances out of the water is a much bigger concern, with tremendous cumulative effects.

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Shopping with the chef

Going through a farmers’ market with a local cookbook author

When the farmers' market offers so much variety and we've run through all the typical combinations of ingredients and preservation methods, the most unexpected things can seem to go together perfectly. Take basil, for instance. After the endless batches of pesto are made and stored away, after more leaves...

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Vermont vintners

With agricultural advances, some determined entrepreneurs are growing grapes and making wine in an unexpected place

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